Audio Analyser

A Deep Dive into Cutting-edge CX and EX Analytics

Unlock Actionable Insights from Audio Data to Enhance CX/EX

State-of-the-art audio transcription, integrated speech-to-text, content analysis & multilingual translations, providing critical insights from audio data

One tool to save you time and money

In today’s fast-paced business environment, understanding and responding to customer and employee feedback is crucial.

Audio Analyser offers state-of-the-art audio transcription, integrated speech-to-text, text analysis, and multilingual translations, efficiently providing critical insights from audio data to enhance both customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

Audio Recorder Module

Audio Recording

Capture high-quality audio files and conversations with ease. For customer service teams, this means every interaction can be recorded, analysed, and used to improve service delivery.


Transcription Module

Instant Transcription

Powered by Azure’s speech-to-text service, Audio Analyser provides real-time transcription. For example, customer service agents can receive live transcriptions of calls, enabling them to address concerns immediately and improve customer satisfaction.


Text Analysis Module

Text Analysis & Sentiment Detection

Delve into the transcribed text to uncover sentiments and key phrases. This deep analysis helps in understanding customer feedback and employee communication, leading to informed decisions for enhancing both CX and EX.


Recommendations Module

Recommendations & Insights

Post-analysis, Audio Analyser offers tailored suggestions. Insights from customer feedback can lead to new product ideas, while employee sentiment analysis might prompt beneficial HR policy changes.


Translation Module

Multilingual Support with Translation Capabilities

Audio Analyser offers comprehensive multilingual support, making it the perfect solution for global businesses. Our advanced technology ensures that no customer or employee feedback ever gets lost in translation, with the ability to process and analyze content in over 150 languages.


Flexible Output Options

Choose from various formats for analysis results, such as JSON, TXT, and SQLite, to fit your data management systems and preferences.

Audio Analyser’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning gives it unparalleled capabilities for unlocking insights from audio data. Whether it’s real-time customer service transcription enabled by automatic speech recognition, or revealing hidden sentiments through advanced natural language processing - AI and ML form the foundation for the tool’s ability to enhance CX and EX.

As AI continues rapid advancement, so too will Audio Analyser’s analytical depth and intelligence over time through continual upgrades.

Experience first-hand how Audio Analyser is leading the way with using AI innovations to transform audio data into strategic business insights.

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